A Map of the World

After giving it much thought, I decided to change my topic for my end of term paper. I was originally writing about fashion blogging but quickly got bored of it and decided to change my topic to cultural appropriation in fashion brands. When I think of this topic, the first store that comes to mind is Urban Outfitters. I feel like the majority of the time they are in the news is because one of their designs or products is offensive to specific cultures or groups of people. Another brand that comes to mind is Victoria’s Secret. Last year at their annual fashion show, they upset many viewers when a model went out on the runway with a Native American headdress. Brands using cultural appropriation fits directly into the world of fashion because regardless of what culture we are a part of, it effects all of us.






4 thoughts on “A Map of the World

  1. That’s a really interesting topic. Will you be writing for cultural appropriation or against it? What’s you stand on it? I don’t see it as offensive, but this of course has a limit; it should be done with respect. If I were to imitate a culture in my dress it’s only because I admire it. I don’t think that in order to wear a sari, I must be Indian or of a certain religion. If people stick only to what they’re born into, the world becomes segregated.

  2. I really like your new topic idea because it is arguable and there are different stances on the appropriateness of designs like the ones from Victoria’s Secret and Urban Outfitters. I think a lot of times brands do this (especially UO) just for the quick and instant attention the’ll receive the next day online. No publicity is bad publicity right. I think it would be interesting to see how cultural appropriation in fashion can be successful without raising alarm or causing a buzz the next day on social media or if that is even a possible outcome at all. Good Luck!!

  3. Cultural appropriate and offensive designs (like some created by UO) can be very different, what will you be looking at? Will you address the (very fuzzy) line between respectful and offensive?

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