Blog 10

I think the street fashion of London fits into many worlds. London is a very expensive place to live so I think the majority of world there is higher-class people but I have also seen many people from the middle class participating in the fashion trends in London. London offers a variety of stores all at different price ranges so London really does cater to any budget. London has many designer flagship stores but also has Liberty Of London, Selfridges, and Harrods which all crazy high-end designer clothes. London also has stores for people who cant always afford the prices of the previous stores like Top Shop, Zara, Dorothy Perkins and Misguided. These stores are still very trendy but at a smaller cost than designer brands. I think I now need look at who is London is wearing what and why some people get posted for their outfits and other don’t.


2 thoughts on “Blog 10

  1. I think its interesting how many of London’s “street style” stores have started to migrate over to the US. Topshop has 2 stores in manhattan and is now carried in Nordstrom and the UK based online retailer ASOS (personal favorite of mine) also has a US site.

  2. What are you parameters for determining the class (high, middle, etc) through fashion?
    What has caused the migration of stores? I wonder if Youtubers have had some influence in the awareness of UK brands.

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