What I saw

I was honestly a little surprised at what I  found or didn’t find for that matter.  I thought instagram would be an appropriate place to start as it has the possibility of providing a more candid insight on the “private” lives of celebrities.  They essentially have free reign of what they want to post and I imagined that would include some of their favorite brands.  What I found instead of a overt display of wealth through high end brands like Versace or Gucci I was finding athletic brands like Adidas and Nike as well as and brands that celebrities teamed up with to create their own line, like Steve Madden.  Although it was more common find those types of brands, I did manage to find a few posts related to jewel encrusted Rolex watches and jeweled chains with Porsche insignia.  Lyrics of certain songs proved to be a little more helpful because they directly reference specific brands as enhancing their sttus in some way.  finding more visuals will be important to the success of my research.


3 thoughts on “What I saw

  1. like you, I started with Instagram for my field research as well. It is interesting that we have the lives of celebrities right at our finger tips either on our computer or on your telephones. We can easily see what they are doing at that very moment. I think instagram is a great place to start field research to get a real feel of what celebrities and fashion icons are doing.

  2. What you didn’t find (and what you expected to find) say something about our perceptions of celebrity. What is it that you are looking for?

    • I guess I assumed I would find Louis Vuitton toilets and Burberry car interiors. Maybe I should look at one specific genre of music and certain brands in order to narrow my search.

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