#8 Different “Worlds”

My topic focuses on casual streetwear, which is a very broad genre of fashion. I am going to be looking at brands that have  submerged themselves in specific “worlds” and in turn have become a staple of street fashion. One world in street fashion is the world of Hip Hop. Using clothing, sneakers, and accessories, artists are able to express themselves and compliment their music. The “world of Hip Hop” becomes a demographic that is willing to spend a lot of their money on clothing so higher end streetwear brands use rappers and producers to advertise and model their apparel for them. Another world is the world of street art and graffiti. Graphic t-shirts are a staple of streetwear and many companies make themselves appealing to artists and street artists through relatable graphics and concepts (such as art styles and social or cultural topics). The last world that i identified was the world of skateboarding. This world is a staple in streetwear and many streetwear brands started off as skateboard companies before growing into something bigger. Street skaters essentially live in the streets so they become influenced and influence others as well. Clothing, sneakers, and accessories are very important in all of these worlds and hundreds of different brands (high-end to low-end) have become globally successful by it.


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