What I Saw #9

Doing field work in the area of my topic is super easy since it’s already a part of my daily routine.  Everyday I make my rounds on YouTube and watch all of my favorite vloggers and content creators inside and outside of fashion.  In researching for my paper I focused even more on fashion specific vloggers and YouTubers.  I’ve been trying to identify even more main ideas or players.  I’ve also been trying to look at these Youtubers through more of a lens of what a brand or company would be looking for in a YouTube vlogger to represpent their brand through collaborations or promotions.  I’m interested in how these fashion vloggers are able to branch outside of the YouTube world and make their way into other fashion worlds like maybe design or entertainment.  I’ve been looking to see what kinds of fashion content garners the most attention on youTube as well.  I’ve started to uncover the link between the fashion content and what makes certain channels more successful and lucrative for their owners than others.  Reading comments on some of these videos has also been helpful in seeing what kind of people this content is reaching and noticing what the conversation outside of the video looks like which is more telling than just watching the video sometimes.


2 thoughts on “What I Saw #9

  1. It’s helpful that you already watch these videos as a part of your daily routine. I would love to know who you watch daily and what your thoughts are on Vloggers entering the main stream like appearing on Dancing With The Stars.

  2. Can you find information of how well specific collaborations sold? Where are the Youtubers you are focusing on based? Can you tell where most of their viewers are from?

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