As I mentioned in my last post luxury handbags have become a status symbol that women in today’s society use to signal their socio-economic status. So far I have found that there are different levels to the luxury handbag market and that each of these levels consequently represent a different target socio-economic status. I have also found that the more prestigious that bag and the materials used in the bag, the higher the socio-economic status it signals. There also is a difference in how women shop that effect theory. There are two different types of female shoppers when it come to handbags, on one hand you have the women that buy several bags that are reasonably within their price range and then you have the women that save up for months to buy one prestigious handbag and only buy 1 or at the most up to 4 of those a year. I hope to be able to get some demographic numbers from local luxury handbag stores in order to compare how many $200 bags they sell compared to how many $800 bags they sell. I think this will help to determine if it’s just the brand name that impacts the status symbolism or if the quality is really key.


2 thoughts on “Fieldwork

  1. The hand bag market is huge. Something that may mess up the statistics is the selling of fake hand bags. Looks may be deceiving! I wonder how many times a women who buys a handbag that is thousands of dollars actually wears it in public per week or year. If i had to guess, $200 handbags win by a landslide.

  2. Are you looking at specific socio-economic groups? What are you using to define them? What are you qualifications for prestige?

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