Blog 9 Fieldwork

The world of fashion and sports intertwined through sponsorships and how these sponsorships of sports figures create an abundance of business for fashion sports brands such as Nike and Adidas through the public exposure of these brand’s clothing and shoes.  I might just focus on Nike. Nike is the biggest sports brand in the world and the leader of sports shoes in sales. NIke’s Air Jordan shoe collection based off of Michael Jordan has single handedly built a masterpiece of a brand inside of Nike.  There next big investment was Tiger Woods who shocked the world in being the best golfer. Tiger advertised the Nike hat very successfully. Name branding is such a huge part of the fashion industry and by getting endorsements and sponsors with the best athletes and the best sports organizations, Nike has taken over the first place as the best global sports apparel brand. Influencing consumer purchasing and attracting new consumers are key elements that Nike gains through their endorsements.  My field work has showed that Nike uses their endorsements mostly in advertising through television and magazines with the Nike brand of shoes and clothing on them.  In stores, they use blown up posters and images of the professional athletes in the action of the sport.  I have witnessed a huge branding exposure when celebrities wear the brand clothing with the Nike logo on public television as they compete. The largest product of Nike worn by them during play are Nike’s shoes.    Advertising endorsed celebrity athletes directly relates to the increased awareness and sales of this sports fashion brand through public exposure of their uniforms, shoes, socks, hats etc making them the best apparel sports brand.  The amount of increased shirt sales and jersey sales NIke has experienced due to their endorsements is remarkable. They invest a huge amount of money specifically in endorsing athletes to wear their fashion. Nike is miles ahead of the next two largest apparel sports brands, Adidas and Under Armor.  Nike sponsors the biggest sports in USA; Football, Basketball and Baseball and are moving into taking soccer more to compete with Adidas.

Cristiano Ronaldo michael-jordan-and-nike


One thought on “Blog 9 Fieldwork

  1. Picking Nike for this project is a good idea – you have tons of great examples to work with! What do you think Nike is trying to say with their choices of celebrities? What is the message they are sending?

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