Blog #9

My end of the term paper is on Fashion Blogs and how they have recently taken over the fashion industry. Because my topic is in a “world” that is not physical, I had to do my fieldwork though the online world. Like I mentioned in my previous post, I have found four different types of blogs to look at: ones about celebrity fashion, do-it-yourself fashion blogs, ones that focus on news and trends, and blogs that focus on outfit inspiration. In terms of what I have seen in my own environment, I have seen a few students around on the URI campus taking photos and writing articles for fashion blogs. One fashion blogging website that I am familiar with that some URI students use is “College Fashionista”. From what I know, college students are hired to find different people on their campus who emulate a certain style, photograph them, and the write an article about them. I think this is a great way to get a feel for what real and authentic college students dress and look like. Sometimes, the fashion on blogs can seem so luxurious or out of reach for someone living my life, so it’s refreshing to see this type of blogging. blog1



2 thoughts on “Blog #9

  1. You have the whole idea of College Fashionista exactly right. I blog on College Fashionista and it’s all about taking pictures of the everyday street style of URI students. Personally, I like to feature people who just look effortlessly stylish because it’s so much more real and such an attainable style that anyone is able to execute and I love showing that on my blog page. I think this kind of style blogging is the kind people want to read.

  2. Blogs are consumed in a non-physical realm, but they do have real locations – have you looked at where your blogs are located and what places they are documenting? Are certain “home” locations more influential than others?

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