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Since I’m focusing on London street style for my end of term paper, I had to do most of my research on the Internet considering I cannot be there right now. I follow a lot of instagram accounts of fashionistas who are from London or travel there often and that’s where I started to notice how different the fashion was there. I feel like in London people where whatever they want and will not receive judgment on their outfit no matter how crazy it is. A lot of things that we think in the United States should only be runway; people in London are wearing everyday. I also noticed that there is so much variety in styles. Some people are wearing bright colors, some are wearing prints, and others are dark and some mix fur and paten leather. People in London take pieces of clothing that don’t look like they belong and make an amazing outfit out of it. I also observed that men take more time to dress nice in London. Men are wearing suits and designer clothing on a daily basis and most of the men fashion bloggers I stumbled upon are from London. I learned that in London people are more open to expressing themselves through fashion because everyone does it. Fashion is more accepted in London and this is why the street fashion is so interesting and great.


2 thoughts on “Blog 9

  1. I really like your topic and it also happens to be something that I’m very interested in as well. I think that you’re pretty accurate in saying that London street style is much more elevated than its American counterpart. I’d love for you to identify some specific street style icons from the UK/ London. I can think of quite a few and I think that maybe associating some of the many styles you claim to make up London street style with specific people would really make you topic even more successful!

  2. What is it that you are focusing on for London street style? What are your requirements? Do you only see the “crazy” outfits? Or are those the ones that get photographed most frequently?

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