Blog 8

My end of term paper will focus on the celebrity effect in the media. One world that I will be focusing on is obviously the world of celebrities as well as the world of pop culture. These two worlds play a huge roll in my analysis simply because they are the focus of my paper and it will be interesting to see how celebrities effect the fashion world in such a huge way. Another important world that I will be focusing on is the world of technology. What I mean by this is smart phones (apps such as instagram, twitter), the internet (computers) and so on. The world of technology plays a huge roll in my research because if it were not for technology, how would the world be able to see and even copy what celebrities are doing and more importantly, wearing.


2 thoughts on “Blog 8

  1. What makes a celebrity? Do we need modern media and internet to create the kind of celebrity which thrives in that setting?

  2. I would like to give you my thought on Amanda’s second question. I think celebrities definitely need today’s technology to thrive and to be such huge influencers. Some people become celebrities because of our social media. Just look at bloggers who start from nowhere and all of a sudden you see them in magazines and everywhere else you look. We are connected to social media all the time, so if the celebrities weren’t using that to their advantage that would be a big loss for them.

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