For my paper I will be focusing on how women use handbags made out of luxury materials as status symbols. In our society it is considered inappropriate to discuss wealth and class. So instead of having titles or division amongst the classes we use materialistic symbols to display our wealth and status to others. We use this concept not only around strangers but amongst our family and friends as well. For example, when a woman is asked about her handbag and responds that it is made of Italian leather it communications that the bag was very expensive. This is because it is very well-known that Italian leather is extremely luxurious and the highest quality leather. The worlds that are involved in the creation of this strategy would be celebrities, the upper wealthy, and the hierarchy of designers. The hierarchy of designers would be the placement of certain more luxurious brands over others. For example, Chanel is above Gucci which is above Coach.


2 thoughts on “POMO

  1. You brought up some really good points here. I always looked at handbags and knew that different ones meant that the person had a certain amount of money, but I never really thought of them as actual status symbols.

  2. What makes the handbag such an important status symbol? Is is more important than other clothes or accessories? Why or why not?

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