PoMo & (Re)structuring

For my final paper, I chose to write about something that is getting more popular by the day and is taking over the fashion industry: fashion blogging. When thinking about fashion blogs, I can see four different types of blogs, or “worlds”. The four types of fashion blogs that I will focus on are ones about celebrity fashion, do-it-yourself fashion blogs, ones that focus on news and trends, and blogs that focus on outfit inspiration. 





3 thoughts on “PoMo & (Re)structuring

  1. I really appreciate your post because of how it’s so similar and translatable to my own EOT project. The division of fashion blogging into even more sub-categories is helpful in eliminating some of the thick description that may be distracting us from learning the specifics of the topic. This further division of a sector of a world that has already been separately defined is very interesting. Especially so when you start to see how the content in the four types of fashion blogs you wrote about differ from each other and how they also relate differently to other types of media.

  2. I really like how you included DIY blogs! Those are so huge (and addicting!) and I feel like they are often forgotten about. Do you plan on entering into the video blogging world? I think it would be really cool if you talked about how blogging can now be someones career path! Most of the Middle Eastern bloggers that I have come across so far, for my EOT paper, have their whole career based on blogging. I am sure that there will be many similarities and differences between the bloggers you are focusing on and the ones I am!

  3. What are the variations that you can see? Are the bloggers you are looking at tied to a specific culture or physical location? How does that affect what they produce?

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