PoMo & (re)structuring

My topic is Celebrity Clothing lines, something that has blossomed in the current era. The different worlds that I will be exploring are the world of fashion, world of celebrities, world of popular culture, and the world of entertainment. Variations in my topic are the types of celebrities, their style, and the following that they have. For example, 2 celebrities I will be focusing on, Lauren Conrad and Kim Kardashian, are both reality stars but their similarities end there.

These articles expand on the differences in this topic as well as how it’s evolved to where it is today.





2 thoughts on “PoMo & (re)structuring

  1. Very interesting field of study. I feel like behind closed doors, celebs have lots more in common then we think they do and probably lots more in common with ourselves too. Everyone’s Got to eat yuh know. But i feel like you will find some interesting similarities in fashion with them both if you dig deep enough.

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