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My paper will be dealing with how clothing/sports brands such as Nike and Adidas use Professional athletic icons to increase sales and popularity.  Many worlds go into this study.  The world of athletes, The world of competitive sports brands, The world of icons and sponsorships, the world of media and advertisements etc. Demographics may vary depending on the fans of these athletes that the brands use to promote the logo and brand. They use these athletes in advertisements on TV, in magazines and on the windows of their stores all decked out in the company’s apparel and logos. The athletes also agree to wear the brands clothing when playing sports.  Fans of these athletes that copy them and their attire and brands, may be of rich or poor standing as well as of all different nationalities although the majority reside in the USA.  These are the people that Nike and Adidas are reeling in by using their idols through sponsorships.  Sponsorships like Tiger Woods and Rory Mcilroy that Nike uses, probably gains sales through upper middle class or rich fans of these athletes since Golf is an upscale and expensive sport to play.  White and black demographic fans get attracted through basketball sponsors like Lebron James and Kobe Bryant. The demographics of fans of athletes that these company’s use are very broad and hard to narrow down.  the main world that these company’s use to promote their sponsorships and really gain the business of the fans is through advert advertising with logos on the athletes and their uniforms.  adidas1 ROGER NIKE Tiger-Woods-001


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  1. Is the importance of branding and labels different than in the luxury world? Does it communicate the same idea? Or something else?

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