PoMo and (Re)Structuring

For my End-of-Term paper I am focusing on French vs. Italian fashion and which seems to have more of an industry here in the U.S. The worlds I am exploring are the world of fashion, the world of celebrities, and the world of luxury. Through observation of social media and T.V., it is my belief that our culture in the U.S. currently idolizes celebrities and we aspire to adopt the fashion trends we see them wearing. The research I did on my topic included looking up the directories for Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills and Fifth Avenue in New York City. These two streets are hubs of high-end fashion in America, and famous celebrities frequently visit them.

I thought it would be a good idea for me to find out if there are more Italian brands seen in these places or more French brands. My findings were surprising. Italian brands outnumbered French brands by a landslide. I did not think there would be such a big difference. On Rodeo Drive, there are 21 Italian luxury brands vs. a mere 10 French brands. Then, looking at Fifth Avenue, I found that there are 11 Italian brands and only 7 French brands. The results were quite shocking to me. The next part of my research process will be to find out if there are any French or Italian brands that started out doing all of their manufacturing in Italy and now does some of it in other parts of the world. I also want to find out if some of the brands are considered more “Americanized” now and no longer considered top-notch in their country of origin. Also, the authors I think can help me most with my topic are Baudrillard, Debord, and Lipovetsky.





One thought on “PoMo and (Re)Structuring

  1. I wonder how many of these designers would be considered “global’? Regarding their “Americanization” are they selling and advertising the same products in their home countries as they are here? It would be interesting to look at if the company itself is changing, or if what is available in each market is changing.

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