Blog Post 8

My final project is based on fashion vloggers and fashion content producers on YouTube.  This topic is very interesting to me because these people on YouTube have turned this fairly new media outlet into a significant source of income and influential power.  I’m looking into the world of fashion vlogs and content on YouTube to see what it takes to make it in this world.  Often times these YouTuber’s will collaborate with designers or release product ranges of their own.  Another very normal occurrence is that they’ll be sponsored by brands to feature their products in video like “GRWM” (get ready with me), hauls, and styling videos.  I’ve linked to some videos showing some fashion YouTubers that have been compensated for featuring a brands products so that you guys can check out the kind of dynamic that takes place in those types of videos.

My goal in this paper is to try and discover what a brand would be looking for in a YouTuber to sell their product.  I wonder what what makes them successful and what makes them appeal enough to an audience to become influencers in the industry.  The world of fashion vlogging and fashion content on YouTube overlaps with so many other worlds and yet each content creator in this world is different from one another.  One of the important parts of building yourself on a platform like YouTube is being original so while the content may be similar between channels the successful one rely more on the individual presenting the content.


One thought on “Blog Post 8

  1. What are the demographics here? How is that the same or different from what we think of as the fashion audience? How is the vlogging community influencing fashion?

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