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The topic I am focusing on for my end of term paper is street style in London. Some of the worlds I will be studying are designers in London, window displays on the busy streets in London, and bloggers and social media. I understand that all big cities are going to have to have some kind of great street fashion because usually fashion people end up in big cities. But when I was in London I noticed people wearing amazing outfits everywhere they went and I think that a lot of their influence came from the window displays. The window displays in London were amazing and anyone who walked by could tell the designer spent a lot of time and money to make the display perfect. One-window display I noticed when I was there was Stella McCartney. The display had a small light show in it and was very colorful, drawing anyone’s attention. When designers put displays like these in their windows it makes people interested and want to buy their product. In the United States, our window displays are not that great so these high-end stores do not draw in ordinary people like they do in London.

This is a display in one of Stella McCartney’s stores in London. Very simple but still something people stop and look at.stella


3 thoughts on “Blog 8

  1. It is interesting to note, like you said, that clothing stores in London take more care in their window displays. I feel that if a store location has a more interesting display, it is more likely to draw me in, or at the very least I may take a photo and post it which would provide even more PR for the designer or brand.

  2. I have to agree with you. When I was in London, I noticed the same thing! However, I also feel that as a city in general London tends to care more about the appearance of the buildings then the cities in the US. I also noticed some amazing street fashion while there. Over the years, especially since the turn of the century London has become such a diverse place where all kinds of people feel free to express themselves through fashion with what seems very little judgment or societal pressure to conform. I think that’s why the street fashion is so unique there.

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