Blog 8

The focus that I have chosen for my project is on major fashion events, specifically Paris Fashion Weeks.  Here I will be taking a critical look at certain designers, celebrities and in general those who are involved in media.  I feel that overall from the inclusion of celebrity clothing lines anywhere from, traditionally non designers such as Kanye West, into casual athletic wear brands such as Adidas all the way to having Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson walking down the Valentino runway during Paris fashion week this year all have subtle yet profound effects on the way that we view high fashion and events like this.  Personally I feel that this takes the focus not necessarily from the designer themselves, as for example everyone knows who Valentino is, but more in a direction that targets media directly and has a purpose that seems to want attention.  If Paris fashion week was like it was at the turn of the century when Couture was at its peak, it would have been only the clothing that would have been important to a limited number of people.  With the inclusion of celebrities into the world of high fashion, I feel that high fashion designers are able to reach a broader audience with the help of mass media devices and modern technology, and thus are not only breaking up such major events, but are allowing all to see them.  And does this help or hinder designers in their quest to stay relevant in the industry?  It can only be certain that it certainly draws attention to these events that are becoming increasingly available for viewing in all parts of the world.



One thought on “Blog 8

  1. How are the exclusivity and luxury aspects of “high end” brand affected by the push for a wider audience? What does it mean to be relevant?

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