Cintamani field trip

I went with my group on a field trip to Cintamani and their headdesigner Þóra answered all of our questions about their label and design aswell as showing us around their headquarters. She was very patient and informative.

I found it interesting and ironic that we were at one of the labels that designs outdoor clothing and at the same time the weather outside was dreadful, a powerful wind in all directions with hail and rain. I wished I had better clothing on when I went there because I instantly got wet allover for the 20 seconds that I spent running from my car and into Cintamani and I kind of wanted to buy some of their clothes after the visit just to make it dry back into my car.

Cintamani´s collaboration with the artist Tolli was very interesting and fun and Þóra told us about how they have worked with artists before making prints on their designs and how they want to continue that in coming years. I really like that they are making prints because I think the printed clothing match quite well with the regular colors (for example a printed jacket with colored trousers).

She told us about the color forecast companies and how their color palettes change every year. Those companies are based in the „fashion capitals“ of the world (New York, Paris and more….), I had no idea that people actually worked on finding the right colors every year, I thought they just decided the colors themselves based on what they liked on the product or that the fabric only came in those colors. I think it is strange that they don´t have these kind of forecasters in Iceland because if they mostly sell to icelanders than why aren´t they looking more at what colors we like and would want to dress in? But maybe it doesn´t matter where the colors come from, because we all influence each other and the colors that are popular in other countries are usually popular in Iceland too because we watch what designers in other countries are doing and are influenced by the coming fashion in the „fashion capitals“ and so the near and the far connect by influencing each other. So who has the power? I think the color forecasters have most of the power, they choose what colors they think will be in fashion and the designers listen to them.

The world of fashion is so huge! I had no idea how far and wide it really is. I understand the world of fashion to be our world with the influence of fashion – that is that our world has an influence on the fashion world and vice versa. We use clothes to help us create our identity, to portray to others what we are, who we are or who we want people to think we are. You can create anything, wear anything, be anything! Thus I think the world of fashion could also be the world of expression and persona creation. By wearing clothing from a label you label yourself, for example if you wear Cintamani clothes you are labeling yourself as somone who enjoys being outside in any weather but you also want to look goodat the same time, it also shows others that you have spent some money and thus are presenting some sort of status to others. So in conclusion clothing can be decorative but also a status symbol at the same time, what do express through our clothes? It would be interesting to do a research on this!


One thought on “Cintamani field trip

  1. Do forecasters predict or create trends? Are colors in fashion because someone says they will be? What happens when they are wrong (and how often does that happen?)

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