Changes after the fall of Soviet Union

For my end of term paper I want to research/prove that after the fall of the Soviet Union people’s (celebrities) fashion changed to be similar to American fashion. I think the our fashion became Americanized because of technology that became available and due to the travel ban lift. Russians were able to copy what they saw and move alongside with American culture. One example of that is NBA basketball jerseys made it to rap music videos and now everyone either has one or wants one.

The worlds that I see are: Russian music celebrities -> Russian rap music celebrities -> Timati (because he’s really the first to create his own music label within the Russian rap industry), I will be comparing him to a singer Gregori Leps who has been performing since 1995, so after the fall of the Soviet Union. Not too long ago these two very different performers made a song together, that blends the generations and times together. There’s also the world of American fashion, since that’s what I’l be comparing it to. (the worlds are bolded)


2 thoughts on “Changes after the fall of Soviet Union

  1. How are Timati and Gregori Leps worlds? Are there other global influences – or is it primary American? What are the requirements for each of these worlds?

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