Bloggers as designers

Last friday the first clothing line from an Icelandic blogger was published. I started to wonder about how much influence the “fashion” bloggers have on the street fashion. The clothing line from Elísabet is sold in popular clothing store in Iceland and there probably a thought out marketing plan in Iceland. But because she is known blogger it is also very easy for her to market and advertise her own clothing line through her blog.

In my research for my thesis I interviewed four Icelandic lifestyle bloggers. One of them studied fashion design a few years ago in the states, but she has not designed any clothing. She told me in the interview that it was in her three year plan to design a clothing line and publish and advertise it using her blog. Her thought was that it is easier to market your design if everybody already recognizes your name.

Last fall a Norwegian blogger got to design a whole line of shoes for Bianco Footwear and that gained attention from Icelandic bloggers, one of which said that she would like to get a similar deal from a big designer like Bianco.

I think there are a lot of bloggers who have a dream of being fashion designers and we will probably be seeing a lot more of it, both on a local and a global scale.


3 thoughts on “Bloggers as designers

  1. I completely agree with you that this is something that we are going to see more of here in Iceland. The big chains like H&M, Lindex, Topshop and other have been using bloggers, models, actors/actress and athletes to help design there lines. Those lines usually become very popular and bring in some good sales for the company even though the clothing lines are not all that different from the other items in the store.

  2. I think it’s so smart of the bloggers to first get established as recognizable bloggers and then to go on and design clothing. They already have a following of fans who would support their line. This is also the case with celebrities, who after doing successful movies and getting established in the movie industry all of a sudden come out with perfume. This fashion/consumer industry is huge and people would spend a lot to get as close to their idol as possible.

  3. How does this affect what it means to be a fashion designer? Are they creating their own “world” or are they joining a pre-existing one?

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