Trend Beacons

A few of us in this course went to see Trend Beacons yesterday in the cinema. The film was in theaters because of DesignMarch which ended yesterday. It is a documentary about a few trend beacons or trend forecasters based in different countries and they discuss how they work and how the world of trends has come to be and is today. It was a very interesting film that touched upon many of our topics and reading. The three things I found most interesing were: 

It is not about what is trendy but what is relevant. Wow of course it is! It is very obvious when you think about it but not so much in this fast society we live in.

How they see the future. They did not agree on where it was heading and some were more optimistic than others about where we are heading and what values we are heading to.  

Where they find their inspiration for the coming trends; with young designers, artists and in poorer areas, in the grass-root. 

 Here is the trailer. I realy recomend seeing this film 🙂 

Ravage and their incredulus goat


4 thoughts on “Trend Beacons

  1. I hadn’t thought of it that way but it really makes sense that this could be a dying profession!
    But then again they also said that the more technological things get then people want to go back to the basics 🙂

  2. I found it most interesting to see how the fashion trends have changed since forty years ago. When people saw the newest fashion on the streets in the past and now it’s not like that anymore, now people can see the fashion trends way in advance before they hit the streets. It was also interesting that forty years ago fashion photos were only in black and white but now fashion is visible in color everywhere on the internet.

  3. Is it possible that this profession is shifting more than dying? Think of all of the fashion changes in history where production companies go in and out of business based on the fashion trends.

    How does the “grass roots” approach affect our fashion? And our fashion industry?

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