Blog 7. Few labels, one morning at my work.

Few labels, one morning at my work.

I‘m working at Össur, a company producing and selling orthopaedics for about 3 days a week. On sept 9th I realized that I had forgotten to blog and decided to do a little field research the next day at work. However, when I arrived at 9 AM the power was out and it was out for over four hours. There were not many people around because people moved to the other building to use the electricity there. I took the projects I could do without using a machine and sat down in a chair next to a window. I wrote down the labels I noticed on clothes as people walked by. These were all people who work at Össur.

The labels I saw were:

The Össur logo I saw many times, as Össur labels T-shirts and sweaters.

Wrangler label on jeans, twice.

Puma label on a sweater.

Adidas label on a sportsbag.

Targus label on a sprotsbag.

Nike label on a shoes.

Trespass label on down-jacket.

Northface label on a jacket.

I also saw labels which were nearly hidden, because they were either small and not visible and/or in same clolor as the garments. I saw also many garments but no labels, maybe they had been hidden, covered by another garment, I don’t know. This labels I saw are well known around the world I think, at least in the western world.  The labels Puma, Addidas and Nike are labels for gymnastic and sport, but they are also fashion labels.  The Wrangler label I think is the oldest one and it is very well known and widespread. I don’t know the labels Targus and Trespass but I know the label of Össur very well. Besides the label of Össur I am most interested in the Northface label. I think it says: I am the face of the Norden. The label Norden was on the right shoulder of the back of the jacket, which reminded me of an army jacket. The degsigners of the labels must be very clever in their design  because it realy matters where the labels are located on the garments. They should be visible and not hidden.


One thought on “Blog 7. Few labels, one morning at my work.

  1. Is the importance of labels changing? Do people identify with the styles or projected lifestyles of the label they are wearing?

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