DesignMarch in Iceland

I am supposed to write about the marketplace but this is what is on my mind now…

The biggest design event of the year in Iceland is happening right now. As I write this many designers are opening and attending openings all through Reykjavík and especially the center. DesignMarch opens with a big event called Design Talks. It is a whole day of lectures and designers and other players attend to get inspired and to meet people. This year the topic was Play and a lot of interesting people participated. The one that is maybe most relevant to this course is Walter van Beirendonck. Apparently they had been trying to have him here for some time and finally they succeeded. It was interesting to hear one of our foremost graphicdesigners Goddur interview him a bit starstruck. He is one of the Antwerpen six and one of his contributions to fashion is the way he broke up the catwalk. One of the things he said in the interview was that the difference between fashion and design is that fashion gives you opportunity to react immediately. There were also many other names there, Jessica Walsh of Sagmeister & Walsh who talked about the importance of play in design and play in life. Amongst other things she quoated Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi and his theory of play and flow which is interesting to look at and of course what she and Stefan Sagmeister have been doing. One of the talkers, Anthony Dunne talked about alternative worlds. He is the creator of a spector within design called Speculative design and has written a book concerning it. He showed us this picture of how the future could be and the possibilities available 

the dark blue is what is probable and then the lighter one is what is potential and the lightest one is what is possible. The red triangle is what is preferrable for us/the society/… and the dots is what we choose of it all. This was realy interesting in relation to the worlds we have been looking at. We are in a certain world but what parts of it have we realy chosen and where are we in that/those world/s.

Listening to these talks I wondered a lot of things, one of them was where is the world of fashion in the world of design and is it in the world of design or is it something a bit different? Maybe these worlds just intersect?


One thought on “DesignMarch in Iceland

  1. This is very relevant to our discussion of the marketplace! Think of where we are and where we might go! Does his chart possible reflect the fashion world as well? Could we fit conceptual fashion and street fashion into it?

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