Tidens Samling

Last weekend I was visiting a friend in Odense Denmark. When I was there I went to a very interesting and amusing museum called Tidens Smling. The museum focuses on clothing and interior things from 1900 to the 1980’s. Each decade gets its own booth that has been made into a dining room, living room or a bedroom with things and clothes that fit that decade. You could sit in the chairs or sofas, go through the things and books and in some cases you could actually put on clothes from the decade and accessories like glasses, handbags and hats. The thought that you could experience the world of Danish homes in each decade.







Fun and different experience in a museum.


2 thoughts on “Tidens Samling

  1. I like this. Its really nice to see fashion from different decades lined up next to each other. I keep thinking about the ‘death of fashion’ and what that means. I don’t see that much re-runs in this clothes, so were all these out fit modern before fashion died.

  2. Very cool! They may have picked clothes that fit the zeitgeist of the room’s theme, thus minimizing re-runs. There must have been a lot of very thoughtful decisions which went into making that exhibition.

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