#5 Observations on style and design (local vs global)

Like I stated in my “local vs. global” blog post, my views on local and global fashions are becoming blurred. The main reason for this is the internet. Another reason i believe to be true is that many of the fashion influencers today are people that travel the world and become influenced by different parts of the globe. This results in fashion choices that are inspired by their travels and their audiences are determined by their travel as well. Thus, local and global fashions once again become intertwined. When celebrities influence fashion all over the globe without ever even being seen in person, the difference between local and global seems to disappear. A Balmain fashion show being streamed from Paris to all over the world is another instance where the line becomes blurred.


One thought on “#5 Observations on style and design (local vs global)

  1. Is the blurring of local and global in other aspects of our lives also affecting the blurring in the fashion world? Does our awareness of globalization affect fashion?

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