#2 Zeitgeist analysis II

One influence that i see a lot amongst the fashion influencers in the world today is past celebrities. Many influencers today seem to feed off of what someone famous was wearing 20 or 30 years ago. One fashion influencer today from the world of music is Wiz Khalifa. I recently saw pictures of Wiz Khalifa wearing all white bubble shaped glasses, much like the ones Kurt Cobain used to wear and was wearing in his last photoshoot alive. Khalifa made it clear where he got his inspiration from and even paid homage to Cobain in one of his Instagram posts. Personally, I think fashion influencers reuse other celebrities styles as their own as a way to show their respect because their image is so powerful. Here you can see first hand how celebrity styles get recycled by other celebrities over the years. Singer Kurt Cobain Smoking CigaretteWizKhalifa mistercap


One thought on “#2 Zeitgeist analysis II

  1. Why do you think that 20-30 years is the time gap? Does is have to do with the age people were experiencing these fashions and the age they are now? Why are people looking back to that time?

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