Market place

When I was visiting Farmers Market the designer said something interesting. She said that they don’t have new collection every year or every spring, fall etc. This got me thinking about the market place. Because what happens with the marketplace if the designers does not provide new things four times a year? The fashion industry is depended on new trends because if fashion was static, wouldn’t the fashion industry earn a lot less money? If every fashion brands stopped making new collection four times a year (like Farmers Market) what would happen to the market of fashion? Would there be a resist from the industry to show the clothes at fashion weeks? And is fashion at all good if it is static?


2 thoughts on “Market place

  1. Your post leads to very good questions and thoughts about the fashion industry and its need for new styles/trends. I had never really thought about what would happen to the industry and our world if brands and designers stopped making new things so often.

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