Fashion is Everywhere

To me, fashion is everywhere. It’s in where we live, it’s in our culture, it’s in our nature. Personally, I think that what makes fashion and what is in it is different from person to person. Different labels, designers, and brands are just one perspective or vision of what the world of fashion is. I thought about my world(s) and what goes into it to help narrow down what exactly the world of fashion is to me. My worlds include being a URI student, a designer/creative mind, a sales associate at City Sports, living in Providence, and so on.

One of my favorite visualizations showing how fashion really does come from all aspects of our world:

1 2 3 4


2 thoughts on “Fashion is Everywhere

  1. I agree fashion is everywhere but at the same time it is no where. It really depends on how you define fashion. What really is fashion?

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