Blog 7: The Marketplace

After looking at the world of fashion and what it may be these past few weeks I can’t say that I can identify exactly what or where this world of fashion is. I think I can pinpoint who the world of fashion is though. I believe this world of fashion belongs to people with a higher social class and a high income. All designers and a high-end brands target the wealthy to buy their products. The price points on some designer bags are insane and clearly are made for only a small amount of people in this world. For example the Birkin bag by Hermes is a bag that has had waiting lists for up to six years for people to receive them. These bags range from $10,000 up to $200,000 depending on what material the bag is made from. The Birkin bag is clearly only made for a small number of people because of the high price on the bags. This world of fashion is so far away from any world of fashion that I live in. The world of fashion I live in is the Marc by Marc Jacobs’s world, the Burberry Brit by Burberry and the Armani Exchange by Armani. These are all high-end brands with cheaper lines of product under their names to make the consumer feel like they are buying luxury items. Though these items have the designer name on it they are still so far from the world of fashion that a Birkin bag lives in.

Hermes Rose Gold Crocodile or Diamond Birkin Bag – $1.9 million



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