The World of fashion is a very large concept that spreads to all corners of this earth.  The world of fashion is broken up into sub worlds such as professionals, cultures, materials, media and media. We can even break the world of fashion up into specific areas of these sub worlds.  Simply, the world of fashion is so complex that its definition and ingredients varies so much throughout this world.  The world of brands also takes into account the world of the textiles that make them and the professionals or employees that promote and sell them.  Many of the sub worlds of fashion are connected. Most of them are actually.  Different cultures and places just connect them in different ways, like all of our projects at the end of the term.  I am stuck between two topics at the moment, the world of fashion and athletics, and illusion of fashion style that people can wear to alter their appearance, such as height and using styles to create a taller illusion. This height concept brings into play professionals like tailors and custom fitting clothing companies like Blank Label in Boston. Obviously, no matter what the focus, textiles, professionals and the internet will most likely all play a key role in the world we choose to write about.



3 thoughts on “World

  1. It is very interesting to see how sub worlds of fashion differ and connect based on location, culture, and on an individual basis. Just like you have even stated that we are picking topics that vary, but through our verbal though processes and notes on the white board in class, we can more clearly see how they all interact and have the ability to modify and change one another.

  2. I really like that you mentioned the sub-worlds in fashion and how they connect, even more so how you mentioned that our end of term paper topics connect in one way or another. Just reading your post about your ideas for a topic, I can see how my topic relates to yours, further proving what you said to be true.

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