Visit to Cintamani

In an awfully wet snow and rainstorm me and my group took a drive to visit the outdoor brand Cintamani. We were met by Þóra, a designer and marketer for Cintamani, she answered our questions thoroughly in a conference room and I tried to remain low key that I was wearing a soaking wet coat from one of the cheaper brand competitor in Iceland.

One of the most interesting points that she told us about when she was answering how they design their lines for next year or years was that there are global companies that focus on predicting what colors will be in fashion next year. And then other companies that specialize in fabrics. I guess I thought things weren’t that complicated in the outdoor business in Iceland. The outdoor/sport clothes really are becoming high fashion!


One thought on “Visit to Cintamani

  1. I wonder what information the color forecasters base their predictions on. How do these predictions interact with how style evolves?

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