The Marketplace

After Thursday’s class the “world” of fashion seems much more complex than I thought it was.  There is so many people, events, places, and things that are included in this “world”.  I thought it was interesting also that a lot of these categories overlap and they each have their own worlds within them.  Then, there are even more “worlds” within those worlds.  I think it comes down to individuals. The many worlds that can be narrowed down within the “world” of fashion makes up specific individuals.  This is why it was so difficult for us all to put ourselves in a world.  It’s because we belong to so many of them.  Our college, our state, our city, our age groups, and even our major.  There are so many determinants in figuring out what worlds we belong to.  I also thought it was interesting because we all struggled to think of other worlds we belong to aside from fashion and athletics.  I think a lot of our lives revolve around fashion… Our classes, our jobs, and especially our hobbies.


3 thoughts on “The Marketplace

  1. I think you’re right about overlapping worlds and not being able to put ourselves in one because we belong to many.
    But what I want to add is the world we aspire to be in. The fashion we wear to make others see what we want them to see.
    Like makeovers. It can both be perceived as trying to find yourself, and also trying to become someone else. So there we have a world of people and things that isn’t necessarily a part of our lives, but we want it to be.

  2. It is so complex to narrow down certain worlds that we are apart of, but then again it could be pretty simple. It is could be simple in the fact that we know where we are and what world we are dealing with, but there could be underlying factors that we do not know about.

  3. Would it have been easier if you had been shown a series of pictures of people? Is it closeness that makes it murky? Or is it the world we live in now?

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