The Marketplace

Much like the zeitgeist map, I think the world of fashion can be different for each individual. Each of us have a different prospective based on past experiences as well as where we see ourselves going in our futures with fashion. A designer’s world of fashion is different than an editor’s world of fashion. These worlds obviously overlap with outside worlds such as the world of celebrities and then create their own unique worlds (the world of celebrity clothing lines.) Because of these unique worlds and my own personal world, I am able to see what is close to me and what is not, and I think the exercise on Thursday put that into prospective.


3 thoughts on “The Marketplace

  1. What were some of the things you found in your world of fashion, and how does it compare to what you put in “the” world of fashion? I’m curious if we have similar worlds. Also, how has the discussion on Thursday helped with your EOT topic? Did it help narrow down your topic and create a clearer focus for your paper? I’m still having a little trouble narrowing my topic down as much as I had hoped.

  2. I really like your comment about individuals. It’s very similar to my thoughts about the discussion on the world of fashion. It is very true that we all have our own perspectives and our different views can overlap with other peoples which creates this diverse world of fashion.

  3. Does this mean that there are as many worlds of fashion as there are people? Or can some people have overlapping experiences so that they interact in the same world?

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