The Jungle

It was a big night in New YorkaForest, anybody who was anything had been invited to a fashion show in the heart of the city.The Fox wondered if the noises from the tree trunk, where the show was being held, could be heard through out the jungle.

The boys had decided to drag him out each of them having a different style.

The big topic of discussion though was Koala’s shirt.
“I don’t care if it’s a Gucci shirt, you look ridiculous and that reflects badly on all of us” screamed wolf.
“Well we can’t all be tuxedo wearing big shots” answered Koala, clearly amused.
The Fox smirked knowing well enough that the Koala had worn this shirt merely to annoy his friend.
“and anyway I don’t see you complaining over Pug’s hat” continued Koala.
“hey don’t drag me into this. This hat is my signature, and let me tell you the ladies love it” responded Pug tilting his head to the right whilst checking out a giraffes behind as she walked by.
After a second or two he looked back at the group and said: “Oh yeah, the ladies love this hat”. He blinked and within seconds disappeared into the crowed, following the giraffe.

Wolf sighed and grabbed the Fox turning him as to showcase his outfit to the group. “Look at Fox, he isn’t wearing a label, but he is stylish. He is saying to the world that he is cool and fashionable, but not trying too hard.”
The Fox was clearly uncomfortable and as he tried to shake himself loose he could hear his name being called across the room.
It was his good friend the Stag.
Wolf inhaled sharply as he noticed him as well and nearly screamed into the Foxes ear. “IS HE WEARING A SWEATER WEST???? What is he thinking?????”
Knowing another fight was about to erupt the Fox decided to walk over to the Stag rather then have Wolf devour him because of his fashion choices. He told the group he would be right back and the Wolf sighed in relief: “Very good, I’m not sure I could have been civil about his attire. He will never mate with anyone that poor fellow. at least not dressed like that” He turned quickly to the group looking for confirmation and to share a laugh, only to discover the Frog staring into the distant.
“hey Frog, buddy. You all right?”

“do you ever wonder if we’re meant to be clothed?” the Frog said startling everyone and stopping the Fox in his tracks.
“Wha….What?” said the Panda reflecting everyone’s questioned faces
“Do you think we are suppose to be wearing clothes? Spending hours not just getting dressed but shopping for the clothes. And oh the money we have spent getting our style just right. And the individually discussing whether this would suit not just me and my figure but what I perceive to be my style as well.
And so a piece of garment becomes something much more than just a way to keep away the cold.
-It becomes me, just like I become it”.

The frog looked intently at the group, who are frozen to the ground, before casting forward a question
“don’t you ever feel unnatural wearing clothes?”

There is a moment of silence.

Then like a thunder out of the sky the Tiger starts roaring with laughter.
“Hahaha, I told you not to eat those fly’s on the way over. The must have been carrying some bacteria messing with your head” he says as he lays a paw on Frog’s shoulder.

Everybody laughs and the Fox continues his walk to the Stag. But this time he looks around, and for the first time he sees. He see’s the Rhino wearing a home knit sweater trying to mask her rough skin and showcase her warm heart.
He see’s the Sloth in his V-neck pink shirt, showcasing his daring spirit.
He see’s the stag, in his glasses and sweater west as if to display his brains rather than fashion sense.
And finally he sees himself and wonders if others do as well, or if they perceive his clothes differently. After all at least 4 other animals are wearing the same jacket as him, but all in different ways with different purpose to their image.

“Who am I?” the Fox thinks to himself “and what do I become when I put on these clothes? but more importantly, who am I without them?”

Right at this moment a black panther walks by slapping his butt and whispering in his ear “Oh baby, I bet these clothes look better on my bedroom floor” she says whilst winking.

The Fox snapped out of his thoughts looks her way and says: “well, want to find out?”


2 thoughts on “The Jungle

  1. Interesting blog post. How much of our personality lies in the clothes we wear? Like when the Fox starts wondering about how four others are wearing the same jacket as him but none of them used it in the same way, which rings true to me, people are often wearing the same piece of clothing as someone else but they make it their own.

    The same goes to the Wolf when he’s talking about the Stag and how he will never mate dressed like that. Like we perform our personality in clothing we also perceive the personality of others through their clothing, and we can see who we are similar to. So all of a sudden we have a group of people that dress a certain way, and we name the group and expect them to be all the same, but in the case of NewYorka Forest, everybody gets to dress how they want and I hope it is the same in the world we live in.

  2. How much do we dress because we want to be perceived in a specific way and how much does our dress reflect who we are?

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