Mapping the world

During class on thursday I had originally “mapped” my world based off of what I wear in different situations. For example, I made fashion student, retail employee, greek life, and home my “worlds”. How I dress in each of those situations is very different then the others. However, when we discussed mapping the world of fashion as a group we seemed to be mainly mapping the industry and what influences it. In my opinion if we were to map the world of fashion that way then were only really creating a list of what is involved in the industry. I think that if we map it based off of what we see people wearing for their “worlds” of fashion then perhaps we can better forecaster where the industry is going. After all it is the consumers who fuel the industry, if consumers do not buy the product then did the forecasters do their job?  The marketplace is no longer just the runways, magazines, and the mall. The marketplace is the street, it is what we see around us. That is what I feel inspires people in their fashion decisions.


2 thoughts on “Mapping the world

  1. It would be interesting to find a common thread between individual fashion worlds. why does anyone where anything?

  2. Good connection! Is it the shift in focus and influence that is making this so difficult? Are we more open minded to different “worlds” which muddies the waters? Are we in a transitional period? If so, what might we be heading towards?

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