Mapping the “World of Fashion”

After Thursday’s class discussion, I began mapping my “world of fashion” and compared it to the “world of fashion” we began mapping in class. I then created a Venn diagram to help paint a clearer picture of the similarities and differences. This also helped me make some headway on my End of Term paper topic, which is: “Looking at French vs. Italian brands in the U.S, who has the bigger industry in the U.S”? I found that there are more similarities than differences between my “world” and the “world”. A few of the things that were included in the “world” that weren’t included in my “world” are designers, stylists, luxury stores/franchises, exclusivity, couture, and runway. After making this diagram, I was able to come up with a few questions pertaining to my EOT topic. Here is a list of questions I came up with:

  • Do we see more French designers on the Red Carpet, or more Italian designers?
    • Some designers and designer brand names that come to mind are:
      • Gucci
      • Dolce & Gabbana
      • Chanel
      • Chloé
      • Givenchy
      • Armani
      • Versace
    • Is there more French luxury brand franchises in the U.S. or more Italian luxury brand franchises?
      • Some luxury brand franchises that come to mind are:
        • Hermès
        • Chanel
        • Louis Vuitton
        • Chloé
        • Céline
        • Dolce & Gabbana
        • Gucci
        • Versace
        • Fendi
      • Which brands are the most exclusive?
      • How does Italian couture compare to French couture as far as reputation, exclusivity, value, etc.?
      • Is Milan becoming more of a fashion capital than Paris or are they equal?

I think these questions with be helpful in creating a starting point for my EOT paper. With some research and observations, I will be able to find answers to these questions and transform my paper into something that is interesting and of good use.


One thought on “Mapping the “World of Fashion”

  1. In a “global” culture, do you see differences is style beyond the differences of individual designers? Is there something other than physical location that ties the French or Italian designers together in a group?

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