Farmers Market in the Icelandic fashion world.


The visit to the design company Farmers Market last Monday was fascinating and informative about this design. I have always admired their design and felt that this style suits me well even though I don’t own a single garment from their collection. The whole interview was very interesting and a lot of things came up that captured my attention. One of the questions we asked them was where they would place their design in the world of fashion in Iceland and if they consider anyone to be their rival. Their answer was interesting for they said that the world of fashion in Iceland is so young and raw that designers are “all over the place” and coming and going so it is impossible to pinpoint a design to one place in that world that is still discovering itself and hasn’t settled down, let alone find a rival design. They said that the Icelandic world of fashion today was kind of like the music industry in Iceland was in the eighties when the punk bands were “all over the place” and the music industry was raw as well. Maybe this rawness and uncertainty is why many designers are “popping” up here and there and something becomes a serious trend for some time then disappearing altogether.


2 thoughts on “Farmers Market in the Icelandic fashion world.

  1. I really love this idea that fashion designers are “all over the place” in Iceland. Here in the US we have this idea that the only true designers are either in L.A. or N.Y.C. when in reality our designers and fashion inspirations are “all over the place” too. The designers are in our phones, in our computers, or even next to us in class. In today’s society where everything is accessible through just the movement of our fingers you can no longer say that the fashion leaders are in a specific place. If you can post something online, you can be a fashion leader.

  2. Are there factors other than the newness of Icelandic fashion design that might contribute to it being “all over the place.” Do they even need to be cohesive to compete in a global market? Or can the diversity work to their mutual success?

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