“The Marketplace”

There are so many facets to the world of fashion.  Each of these facets involves different professions which then have worlds all their own when it comes to fashion.  There are so many ways to get involved in the fashion industry and everyone that does work in this field has a different view of the industry and they are exposed to different influences that alter each of their “worlds”.  Heres a small sample of some of the professions in fashion and descriptions that lend themselves to explaining their “worlds”.


What is in the world of fashion as well as where it is depends on your vantage point.  Each profession in fashion has a different vantage point.  For example a buyer will have different views on the world of fashion than a designer might.  Right now our worlds are primarily focused on being fashion students so I think that we’re exposed to lots of fashion worlds.  We’re learning about what is important in the industry in the frame of what each fashion course is focused on.  We’re also heavily involved in the fashion world as consumers.  I think that it’s probably accurate to think that fashion students probably consume fashion goods at a higher rate than most.  So we are in a world that has been made by other professionals in the fashion “world”.  Ultimately I think that it’s our role to see a little bit of many “worlds” involved in fashion and then pick one that suits us and go out to work in that “world.  Of course I also think that the “worlds” of fashion professionals heavily overlap but there are also going to be differences too!  So what is “close” for now is a small amount of exposure to lots of fashion “worlds”.


2 thoughts on ““The Marketplace”

  1. I like the link you shared I think it illustrates how big our world is right now as fashion students but how it will eventually will be narrowed down when we become professionals

  2. Good point! Do you think fashion education points you towards any particular “world”? How does being a consumer impact how you study something?

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