Blog #7 the “Marketplace”


During class we have had many discussions on what the “World of Fashion” is exactly and where it exists.  I feel that even though there are many different worlds of fashion, they all seem so collide in major fashion events such as Paris fashion week.  This major event boasts almost every major designer that has a seemingly permanent hold within the industry.  From high fashion glam to avant-garde and street styles, this event contains a plethora of varying styles and influences from all over the world. I feel that labels and major designers are still very present in the thoughts of fashion conscious people around the world and even if there is a movement towards the potential demise of the couture and high fashion world via the implementation of fast fashion brands and things alike, one can still note that this is one of the most important events, if not the most, of the entire year where fashion is promoted and cultures are blended for such pronounced and heavily media covered event.    Check out the links below that show some of the varied street styles, some of which very striking and unique, and other top looks from major designers.


3 thoughts on “Blog #7 the “Marketplace”

  1. I think it’s great to observe that even though there are many different types of worlds involved in fashion there is something like Paris fashion week that can seem to bring so many of them together. Major events like this definitely incorporate a lot of different worlds of style, fashion and even fashion professions. Just thinking about all of the different types of people that work in the industry that are involved in events like fashion week is crazy. Events like this are even bringing in people outside of the industry now because anyone can watch the show online and feel like a part of it as well. Even still theres so type of feeling of exclusivity surrounding fashion week no matter what city it’s in. While it is bringing different fashion worlds together it still maintains the exclusive type of feel based on how involved one might actually be in the event. Regardless its obvious that there are so many worlds and sub worlds in fashion and your point that they come together for certain events is very interesting.

  2. I really like your point about all the fashion worlds colliding at this event. It’s a perfect example of how the world of fashion works. Fashions from many different parts of the world feed off each other and this is an event that instead of separating the different worlds, combines them into one place where everyone strives to focus on one world of fashion.

  3. I would love to see a comparison of the Paris Fashion Week (or any other major fashion week) from now, 10 years ago and 20 years ago. How does the collision of “worlds” affect what we take away from fashion week from afar? Are there different global influences now then in the past?

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