Our Fashion Moments

The premise of my fashion moment was hearing about a woman who kept a fashion diary of what she wore everyday so she would never wear the same thing twice.  As a kid I was so used to trying really hard to fit in but never seeming to get the popularity thing right that hearing about someone who cared about being different everyday was a much needed change of pace.  In the three videos that followed mine,  I found the same overwhelming need to fit into a group.  The first two videos were by girls, one who just had to have Diesel Jeans as a teenager to fit in, and the other who also needed trendy pants to show her bullies that she was just like them.  The third video was by a male, and instead of naming a particular “uniform,”  a term he used to describe a style worn by a particular clique, he was more or less an observer of how fashion helps you identify with one group or another.  The interesting thing about the girls’ videos was that they no longer cared about those pants that they so desperately needed to fit in.  They changed their tune from needed to conform to having their own image that identified who they were, which was very much the message that I was trying to project in my video.  I think its an excellent point that females struggle with fitting in during their formative years because girls can be incredibly cruel.  Sometimes its easier to blend in than to stand out.svffinal


2 thoughts on “Our Fashion Moments

  1. Very interesting and good comparisons. The idea and necessity to fit in in our earlier stages of life through groups and through the eyes of others is such a big phenomanon that literally drives individuals crazy. Punks, Jocks, Skaters, hipsters and the list of groups goes on and on. Groups will always be a part of life. It is very interesting how eventually through many groups and other forms of fitting in, we as humans miss our individuality as Heidegger describes it, and reach back toward a more personal and independent form of living away from the norm. but growing up it is fitting into the norm or rest in peace.

  2. Fashion is a constant push and pull of being “new” and fitting in with the dominant group. Did you get the impression that the videos you watch put the same kind of emphasis on the influence of fashion now as they did in the stories they told?

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