First Fashion Moments

I’m extremely surprised that all of the girls in the videos I watched discovered their love to clothing at ages 4, 5, and 9 – that’s early! When I was that age I did like dressing up but I didn’t give it much thought. I do remember begging my dad to buy these obnoxiously high platform shoes for my first day of school for 1st grade because that was the thing to wear. My mom dressed my a lot with the clothes that she got from abroad, so I didn’t have a choice there nor did I mind. The girls who’s videos I watched cared more then that about clothing. They went out of their way to get it, for example take it from older sisters. Another interesting thing is the idea of little girls dressing up at home vs what they wore to kinder or school.


3 thoughts on “First Fashion Moments

  1. I completely agree that it was interesting to hear stories of girls dressing up at home differently from what they wore at school. I do not really remember doing this or playing dress up until I was older. When I was young it felt like clothing was a necessity, not something that could be seen as fun. What I wore to school was what I wore at home. That did not change until I had my fashion moment! And even then I did not start dressing differently because I thought it was fun, I did it because I felt like I had to.

  2. In some of the videos that I watched, girls mentioned following in their older sisters foot steps as well. As for me, I was the older sister in the situation so I had to do it based off of all my friends and what they were wearing. I do recall my sister ALWAYS wanting to wear what I was wearing and I used to get mad about it back then, but now I just think of it as a compliment!

  3. Why do you think some people had such young experiences with fashion? Why does no one have fashion moments later than high school?

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