First Fashion Moments


After watching the fashion moment videos I realized that my story had a lot more in common with the others than I had initially thought it would. All the videos I watched were made by girls who wanted to fit in, either with their friends or with a particular group. Their reasons were different than mine but all had the same end goal, the need to feel as if they belonged. I think that these stories show how powerful clothing is, that even young kids can figure out how to dress to their advantage. It seems as if each one of us was reacting to different pressures in our lives. I wonder if we had not had those pressures, when would we have developed our first fashion moment. I was in second grade when I had mine, so if I had not felt the need to fit in would I have had my fashion moment then or at a later date? And would that change the way I dress now? Obviously I will never know the answers to these questions, but it is interesting to reflect back on my fashion moment and to compare it with others.


2 thoughts on “First Fashion Moments

  1. I can agree with your post in the fact that at some point, all the videos I had watched had to do with fitting in and wanting to look a certain way to portray ourselves a certain way. Good post!

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