First Fashion Moment

It was very interesting to watch three of the fashion moment videos because they all had similarities and differences.  The video after mine was actually a woman but the video was not in English.  This made it impossible to understand, however I continued to watch the video to take note of her expressions and body language.  She seemed very serious about the topic and also very confident in the video.  This was similar to my video because I was also very confident and proud of my first fashion moment.  The next video was also a girl.  Her video explained that she discovered fashion when she was as young as 2 or 3 and she always liked to dress herself, which was much different from my first moment because I did not really discover fashion until around the time of almost middle school.  The third video I watched was also a girl who experienced a similar fashion moment to the second girl, beginning at a young age when her mother would take her to the mall.  This was similar to my video in the case that she was influenced by family, as was I.  I think that it would have been interesting to see a guy’s first fashion moment and compare that, because I think it would create many more differences.  The main difference I have noted in these three videos is that I discovered fashion much later than these other people, which is quite interesting.


One thought on “First Fashion Moment

  1. You can still go watch other videos- you aren’t limited to the three! Did you have any expectations going into watching the videos? Did they match what you saw?

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