Fashion moment videos

The one thing that stood out to me in the three fashion moment videos I watched was that they all had something to do with their mothers. In two of the videos the students talked about how they wanted to break away from what their moms dressed them in. This was similar to my fashion moment because I talked about how I wanted to go out in play heels against what my mom thought. In the first and last videos I watched, both students said they wanted to dress themselves from a very young age like myself. In the second video I watched the girl was much older when she started to realize fashion was important. She started to realize it when her mother told her she needed to start dressing more like a girl rather than a tom boy. This made her realize that what you put on your body is important and helps represent who you are as a person. I think that this idea was similar in all the videos. I know that for me fashion and clothes make me feel good about myself and I’m sure that everyone who made a videos made a comment about how fashion makes them feel like a better version of themselves.


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