Trying to impress with clothes

After listening to the three videos that come after mine I notice that even though our experiences were all quiet different there was this one thing that I thought we all had in common. Our first fashion moment were all kind of based on other people and trying to impress them or fit in to there crowed. The fear of not fitting in or being judge by what you wear somehow affected the way we wanted to dress. If we were not wearing the right dress or label we were not as important and cool as the people around us. It had to be these sort of pants in the right label not the ones from Walmart or a similar stores. It dose not really matter how old we are or where we are from we all want to be liked and feel worthy and sometimes we think that clothes can do that for us.

I also found it interesting what one student said in his video, that certain clothes can represent a certain group. That if you wear a particular item of clothing you probably belong to this or that group. This is something that is particularly strong in our teen years. The jocks were this, the popular kids that and so on.


One thought on “Trying to impress with clothes

  1. Do you think that identity through clothing was always as recognizable as it is now? Or were there simply different factors affecting those styles?

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