Three’s a party, Four’s a crowd…

While watching the fashion first moments I noticed that all 4 of us had 2 very obvious things in common we were women and we all had our “first moment” at a very young age. Two of the ladies came to this realization through their differences with classmates while the other had grown up watching her mother who was a seamstress. Two of the ladies had also immigrated from Europe to America at a very young age and observed the differences regarding fashion between the cultures. While I never really had a moment that specifically stuck out to me where I realized fashion was important. For me at least, I have always had a love for clothing for as long as I can remember. It’s interesting to see the similarities that four of us share despite the fact that we all have completely different life stories.


One thought on “Three’s a party, Four’s a crowd…

  1. What is that you love about clothing? How did the people around you growing up influence that (was your family also fashion conscious?)

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