the fashion videos

The three videos I watched and then my own were a little different from each other. One was about fitting in and another about standing out. The third was about fashion as a hobby and collection. And mine was sort of maybe about the potential of  physics that a piece of clothing can have.

I can relate to all the other three videos that were all from America. I have felt the need to fit in with the other kids(many times over the years). And I have felt to want to be different from my older sister and I also remember that when we got the same clothes and we outgrew them, I of course just got her old one and felt like I wore the same things forever and never got anything new!

I have collected t-shirts and band t-shirts and socks, I am still a bit of a sock enthusiast. But I can’t say that I’ve ever put as much care of the maintenance of my “collections” as the guy in the video described, wich is a shame 🙂

What I found most interesting about this little inquiry is that it really seems that the ethnology of children all over the world is so much alike! And then of course how many aspects of life fashion afects.


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