Moment In Fashion

After seeing the three fashion moment videos and compared them to mine one thing stood out to me about them all which is that we all have very different stories and ideas of what a fashion moment is to us. My video was less of a personal experience but more of a personal observation of a time when I saw fashion mattered where as my other classmates had more personal stories pertaining to events they had in order to standout or fit in to fashion trends. I feel in many ways all stories connect because we all had some kind of influence from outside sources like other people sharing historic family stories with them, playing with dolls at a young age realizing the clothing on the dolls mattered to figuring out ways to coordinate horrific pieces of clothing in a more “cool” way for others to accept you or just simply feeling comfortable with your fashion choices. Its interesting to also note the age’s in which we had our fashion moments or realization that fashion had an impact in our lives we were all so young yet old enough to grasp the concept of fashion.


3 thoughts on “Moment In Fashion

  1. There definitely seems to be a trend in all the videos. Almost everyone said something about the connection between clothes and social acceptance. It’s interesting that some people were seeking social acceptance at a younger age than others, and maybe it has a lot to do with how people grew up and where they went to school.

  2. I really like your post, it mentions something that I had also noticed about family being an influence on a lot of our experiences. I also think it’s really interesting that your video was more based on observations than experiences, I’ve yet to see a video like that.

  3. How do you think our personal experiences with fashion when we are young affect how we interact with fashion as adults?

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