First Fashion Moments Comments

The three videos I watched were very well done.  I found a few different similarities between my first moment and theirs. I found that the time period in which the moments occurred were all relatively the same being from lower to middle school.  The moments were all very clear in that when they hit us we knew it was something inspiring and new that was of particular interest.  The fascination of it all was shared throughout the three videos.  What is also a comparison between all three moments is the confidence we all felt wearing the particular style or piece of clothing that sparked the fashion moment.  We all also remember so vividly the details and characteristics of the piece of clothing or new style we bought.  What was somewhat different with Adrien’s moment is that he realized and felt the need to change his style from middle school to high school. He was not happy with his wardrobe.  For myself, I don’t believe I ever went through a complete style or wardrobe change like he did. I definitely did buy new shoes though so I guess there is a relation despite the difference.  Allison’s moment was very interesting and it differed from mine because her moment was sparked out of frustration and freedom. She was annoyed that she always had to match her sister and when she got the chance she made sure to wear something independent.  Lots of times my friends and I would wear similar if not the same shoes. The confidence she gained from her independent outfit is very similar to my confidence gained through wearing clean and cool shoes. Amanda’s moment differed from mine in the sense that it was sparked by a trend setting new piece of apparel given to her from London.  All the shoes I would wear were bought in America or traded in school and were all popular already. However, her confidence when wearing the shirt since it was very new in USA was the same as my moment.


2 thoughts on “First Fashion Moments Comments

  1. I think its cool that you all had moments that brought up a feeling of confidence because I came across many videos where people did not experience that same confidence until later on, when they realized the trends they were trying to align themselves to didn’t really matter in the scheme of things.

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